Establishing tax residence

Our service is for you if:
  • you have moved your place of residence to another country
  • you are in another country
  • you meet the criteria for recognizing you as a tax resident in the country where you are staying, including the criterion of 183 days of residence
  • you are planning to move to another country
Determining your tax residence is crucial for:
  • determine the country where you have unlimited and limited tax liability
  • determining the correct method of showing and taxing your income
  • determining the correct method of submitting your annual tax returns
  • you take advantage of tax benefits
  • avoiding costly disputes with the tax administrations of the countries where you are or have previously stayed
In your individual case:
  • we will correctly determine your tax residence based on national and international law
  • we will determine the moment and consequences of changing your tax residence
  • we will determine whether there has been a conflict of residence in your case and we will help you resolve it
  • we will determine the risk of a dispute with the tax administration regarding your tax residence
  • we can represent you before the Polish tax authorities if you need it.